Two-Pronged Kill Mechanism in Triassic Era Extinction Event

Research led by Curtin found an increase in the levels of both acid and hydrogen sulfide in the ocean was a double whammy that destroyed marine life during a mass extinction 201 million years ago. Lead author, Curtin PhD Ph.D. Calum Peter Fox, of the WA-Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Center (WA-OIGC) at Curtin School of … Read more

DNA Exclusive: BJP vs Congress vs AAP – who will win the battle for Uttarakhand?

NEW DELHI: Zee News conducted one of the largest public opinion polls ever in Indian history and tried to capture the mood of voters in five poll-related countries – Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Manipur and Punjab. This opinion poll was conducted jointly by Zee News in collaboration with political campaign management company Design Boxed, which … Read more

Axiom Space: Building the off-Earth economy

Axiom Space wants to take the extraterrestrial economy to new heights. The Houston-based company, founded in 2016, aims to build and operate its own low-Earth orbit space station (LEO) in the coming years. Axiom has signed contracts with SpaceX to fly multiple tourist missions International Space Station (ISS), the first of which should be launched … Read more

What to know about QR code scams

Countries like China have been obsessed with QR codes for some time – an obsession that preceded the pandemic. But the US is catching it. We have seen a recent increase in acceptance as companies have been looking for strategies that would reduce contact between people. Food stores and trucks have started posting QR codes … Read more

Katrina Kaif Wishes Ali Abbas Zafar on Birthday With a Series of Throwback Pics; Take a Look

In addition, Katrina will be seen in Tiger 3 with Salman Khan. She also has Bhoot Police, Merry Christmas and Jee Le Zaraa in preparation. The latter will see her for the first time with Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt. Merry Christmas will see her opposite Vijaya Sethupathi. Meanwhile, Ali Abbas Zafar is currently working … Read more

Lamoille Canyon—V, U, and much more

“Glacier Canyon” in the Ruby Mountains (2021, but in the style of 1868). Lamoille Canyon, in the Ruby Mountains of northeastern Nevada, is the dream of a geotripper. Attractions range from Pleistocene sculptures to severely deformed Proterozoic rocks of the middle crust, all visible from the paved road along the canyon. And there are guides! … Read more

Spectacular Lost Highways of Ancient Arabia Discovered by Archaeologists

The road to life in the Arabian desert may once have been paved with the dead. In what is now Saudi Arabia, archaeologists have uncovered an impressive network of lost highways, marked by human tombs, that connect one oasis to another. Many thousands of years ago, these roads took Bedouin people and their animals to … Read more

Wulfenite | #Geology #GeologyPage #minerals #Iran Locality:…

Wulfenite | #Geology #GeologyPage #minerals #Iran Location: Ahmad Abad Mine, Bahabad, Yazd Province, Iran Size: 5.7 x 5.1 x 3.7 cm Photo Copyright © Anton Watzl Minerals Geology page – view on Instagram = & edm = ANo9K5cEAAAA & oh = 00_AT8g0mWMZsSrqkoC14QhWv1W8wxiTPAYZh-Dvmll6UElrg & oe = 61EA3226 .

‘Reads the game well..’: Yuvraj Singh names his choice for Virat Kohli’s successor as Test captain

Virat Kohli announced on Saturday his decision to step down as captain of the test, which shocked the entire Indian cricket fraternity. The 33-year-old announced this just a day after leading the team in a series of three tests against South Africa. Kohli completed his captaincy as India’s most successful helmsman in the longest match … Read more