What to know about QR code scams

Countries like China have been obsessed with QR codes for some time – an obsession that preceded the pandemic. But the US is catching it. We have seen a recent increase in acceptance as companies have been looking for strategies that would reduce contact between people. Food stores and trucks have started posting QR codes … Read more

Spectacular Lost Highways of Ancient Arabia Discovered by Archaeologists

The road to life in the Arabian desert may once have been paved with the dead. In what is now Saudi Arabia, archaeologists have uncovered an impressive network of lost highways, marked by human tombs, that connect one oasis to another. Many thousands of years ago, these roads took Bedouin people and their animals to … Read more

Support for Populist Politics “Collapsed” Globally During the COVID Pandemic

Support for populist parties and politicians, as well as agreeing with populist sentiments, declined during the pandemic, according to a “mega dataset” that takes the views of more than half a million people in 109 countries since 2020. The University of Cambridge team says there are clear signs of a turnaround for the “populist wave” … Read more

What is a satellite? | Space

A satellite is an object in space that orbits or orbits a larger object. There are two types of satellites: natural (such as the Moon orbiting the Earth) or artificial (such as the International Space Station orbiting the Earth). There are dozens and dozens of natural satellites in the solar system, and almost every planet … Read more

This Medieval Italian Man Replaced His Amputated Hand With a Knife

Archaeologists in 2018 described a truly fascinating puzzle. This medieval Italian seems to have gone through life with a knife attached to his arm, instead of an amputated arm. The skeleton in question was found in the Longobard necropolis in northern Italy, which dates to around the 6th to 8th centuries BC. Hundreds of skeletons … Read more

How rogue planets in interstellar space ended up on their own

Locations of 115 free-floating planets in the region between Upper Scorpio and Serpentine. Credit: European Southern Observatory. We now know of nearly 5,000 planets outside the solar system. If you imagined what it would be like on one of these distant worlds or exoplanets, your mental image would probably include a parent star – or … Read more

The Youngest Pangolin From Europe

The upper arm bone of a new species of pangolin was found in Graunceanu, a well-known Pleistocene fossil site in Romania, confirming its existence in Europe. A deeper analysis of fossils from one of the most important paleontological sites in Eastern Europe led to the discovery of a new species of pangolin, previously thought to … Read more

Striking satellite photo captures Mount Vesuvius peering through a hole in the clouds

In this image taken by the Landsat 8 satellite on January 2, Vesuvius is clearly visible through a circular hole in the clouds. (Image: Joshua Stevens / Landsat / NASA Earth Observatory) One of the most dangerous in the world volcanoes, Vesuvius, seems to be “peering” into the sky through an eerily circular hole in … Read more

How the world’s first ‘quantum tornadoes’ came to be

Ultra-cold atoms flowed together like water, but they were a completely different state of matter. Photo deposit In some of the most extreme physical conditions, physicists have created perhaps the fewest storms to date. This “quantum tornado”, created by quantum researchers from MIT and Harvard, is the latest demonstration of quantum mechanics – a strange … Read more