Spectacular Lost Highways of Ancient Arabia Discovered by Archaeologists

The road to life in the Arabian desert may once have been paved with the dead. In what is now Saudi Arabia, archaeologists have uncovered an impressive network of lost highways, marked by human tombs, that connect one oasis to another. Many thousands of years ago, these roads took Bedouin people and their animals to … Read more

Ancient Mayan civilization not likely to collapse due to drought, shows study

Credit: Marv Watson / Unsplash. A new study calls into question the drought as a driver of the collapse of the ancient Mayan civilization. There is no doubt that a series of droughts occurred on the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico and northern Central America in the late ninth century when Mayan cities mysteriously began … Read more

Ancient Ostrich Eggshell Beads Reveal 50,000-Year-Old Social Network Across Africa

A series of modern pearls from the shell of ostrich eggs from East Africa. Credit: Hans Sell A new archaeological study shows an ancient connection between populations 3,000 km away, and provides the first direct link between climate change and the social behavior of ancient people. Humans are social beings, but little is known about … Read more

These Ancient ‘War Donkeys’ Were Likely The 1st Human-Bred Hybrid Animals

Mesopotamians used hybrids of domesticated donkeys and wild donkeys to tow their chariots 4,500 years ago – at least 500 years before horses were bred for the purpose, a new study reveals. Analysis of ancient DNA from animal bones unearthed in northern Syria solves the long-standing question of which animal species were the “kunge” described … Read more

This Ancient Peruvian Empire Put Hallucinogenics in Beer For Political Reasons

The ancient Wari empire in Peru may have used hallucinogenic beer to garner support in new territories. The remains of a large feast, found at the Wari outpost from the 9th century AD, strongly point to the seeds of a psychoactive plant called the fork (Anadenanthera colubrina) were once mixed with chicha, a beer made … Read more

Latest Study Finds No Trace of Aliens in 4-Billion-Year-Old Martian Meteorite

To date, we have found over a hundred precious Martian rocks that have traveled from the red planet and landed on Earth at some point. Among them, the ALH84001 specimen could be one of the most puzzling. This fragment of the meteorite was picked up while riding a snowmobile in the Alan Hills ice field … Read more

Researchers reveal crab’s-eye view of the ancient world

Fossil cancer Callichimaera perplexa. Credit: Daniel Ocampo R. / Vencejo Films. Their legs can get more attention, but a new study says crab eyes also have a lot to offer – at least scientifically. Writing in the journal iScience, paleontologists from Yale and Harvard have discovered new, unusually large optical features from a 95 million-year-old … Read more

The Earliest Unequivocal Evidence of Our Species May Be Even Older Than We Realized

The course of human evolution has never gone smoothly. The emergence of hominins on the African continent is full of twists, turns, gaps and dead ends, making it even harder to track the rise of our own species. Today we still do not know when and where the first Homo sapiens appeared on the scene, … Read more

The ancient desert of the island of Elba – Geology is the Way

Elba is a paradise for lovers of beaches and summer sports, with its gentle coastal landscapes and fragrant hiking trails hidden by Mediterranean shrubs. Certainly, unless you, like me, visited the island in December, the desert is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the island. However, this small island … Read more