These Ancient ‘War Donkeys’ Were Likely The 1st Human-Bred Hybrid Animals

Mesopotamians used hybrids of domesticated donkeys and wild donkeys to tow their chariots 4,500 years ago – at least 500 years before horses were bred for the purpose, a new study reveals. Analysis of ancient DNA from animal bones unearthed in northern Syria solves the long-standing question of which animal species were the “kunge” described … Read more

Before horses, ass hybrids were bred for warfare – BIOENGINEER.ORG

4,500-year-old iconography and texts from Mesopotamia show that the elite used ungulates for travel and warfare; however, the nature of these animals remained mysterious. IN Advances in science (January 14, 2022) A team from the Jacques Monod Institute (CNRS / Université de Paris) used ancient DNA to show that these animals were the result of … Read more