Newly discovered carbon may yield clues to ancient Mars

Credit: NASA / Caltech-JPL / MSSS. NASA’s rover Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012 and has since wandered the Gale crater taking samples and sending the results home for researchers to interpret. Analysis of carbon isotopes in sediment samples taken from half a dozen exposed sites, including exposed cliffs, leaves researchers with three … Read more

Pavlovian Experiments on Locusts Provide New Clues on How Smell Works in The Brain

From the smell of brewing coffee to the smell of rain soaking the soil, the distinction of smells is one of the reasons why the sense of smell is wonderful. But how our brain can understand smells like coffee, regardless of the season, place or time, is a complex question that needs to be answered. … Read more

A Rare, Isolated Script Invented From Scratch Holds Clues to The Evolution of Writing

The rare language alphabet in Liberia has provided some new insights into how written languages ​​are evolving. “The Vai letter of Liberia was created from scratch around 1834 by eight completely illiterate men who wrote with ink made from crushed berries,” says linguistic anthropologist Piers Kelly, now at the University of New England in Australia. … Read more