Physicists Detect Mysterious X Particles in ‘Primordial Soup’ For The First Time

A mysterious particle thought to have existed briefly just after the Big Bang has now been discovered for the first time in ‘primordial soup’. Specifically, in a medium called quark-gluon plasma, formed in the Large Hadron Collider by colliding lead ions. There, amid trillions of particles produced in those collisions, physicists were able to eject … Read more

Waiting Over 5 Hours in ER Is Linked to Higher Death Rates, New Data Show

While emergency services around the world are flooded with a wave of new patients with COVID-19, a large study in the UK has outlined the deadly consequences of delayed critical care. Nearly 27 million individuals attended major ambulances in England from 2016 to 2018, waiting an average of just under five hours for the procedure. … Read more

Computer Simulation Models Potential Asteroid Collisions – Results Provide Data for NASA Mission

Results to provide data for NASA’s upcoming Psyche mission. An asteroid impact can be enough to ruin anyone’s day, but several small factors can make the difference between an out-of-this-world story and total annihilation. In AIP Advances, by AIP Publishing, a researcher from the National Institute of Natural Hazards in China developed a computer simulation … Read more

Why “data for good” initiatives mostly failed to impact the COVID-19 public health crisis – and how to improve – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Inspired by their own experiences, representatives of the COVID-19 Data-Based Assistance Initiative presented what they consider to be the main obstacles to the successful use of new data released by technology companies in times of crisis. Caroline Buckee of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, and colleagues present these views … Read more

What Is The ‘Lunar Effect,’ And What Does It Have to Do With Shark Attacks?

When the full moon comes out, strange things can happen here on Earth. The oysters are getting closer. Corals are spawning. Dive the zooplankton deeper. Seabirds cling to the shore. And lions hunt less. Several of these behaviors are related to the moonlight; others, to the tide. But some have no clear explanation at all. … Read more

Perseverance Has Run Into a Problem on Mars: Pebbles

A small pile of pebbles interferes with the work of the Perseverance Mars rover. The rover, which is collecting rock samples for a possible return to Earth, began the ordeal on Dec. 29, after pulling a core out of a rock the mission team called “Issole.” According to a NASA blog, the problem occurred in … Read more

Take a Look at The Largest And Most Detailed 3D Map of The Universe Ever Made

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), currently aimed at the sky from its home at the Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, is tasked with plotting space expansion, exploring dark energy and creating the most detailed 3D space map ever compiled . It’s only been seven months of DESI’s … Read more

FCC considers new rules around data breaches

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering new rules to update the way telecommunications companies report data breaches. Some of the additional steps shared by FCC President Jessica Rosenworcel in Wednesday’s announcement will require carriers to notify the FCC, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Secret Service, of any unintentional … Read more

We May Have Just Detected a Supermoon Outside The Solar System

The Milky Way should be completely permeated for months, when you think about it. The solar system has 8 official planets, but at least 25 times as many months. However, while we have confirmed almost 5,000 exoplanets to date (these are planets outside the solar system), exo-moons are rare to say the least. In 2017, … Read more