Newly discovered carbon may yield clues to ancient Mars

Credit: NASA / Caltech-JPL / MSSS. NASA’s rover Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012 and has since wandered the Gale crater taking samples and sending the results home for researchers to interpret. Analysis of carbon isotopes in sediment samples taken from half a dozen exposed sites, including exposed cliffs, leaves researchers with three … Read more

Massive Filament Structure – 3900 Light-Years Long – Discovered in the Milky Way

This image shows part of the side view of the Milky Way measured by ESA’s Gaia satellite. The dark belt consists of gas and dust, which dim the light of the built-in stars. The galactic center of the Milky Way is marked on the right side of the image and glows brightly below the dark … Read more

Spectacular Lost Highways of Ancient Arabia Discovered by Archaeologists

The road to life in the Arabian desert may once have been paved with the dead. In what is now Saudi Arabia, archaeologists have uncovered an impressive network of lost highways, marked by human tombs, that connect one oasis to another. Many thousands of years ago, these roads took Bedouin people and their animals to … Read more

Newly Discovered Type of “Strange Metal” – Material That Shares Fundamental Quantum Attributes With Black Holes

The new discovery could help scientists understand “strange metals,” a class of materials associated with high-temperature superconductors and share fundamental quantum attributes with black holes. Scientists understand quite well how temperature affects electrical conductivity in most everyday metals such as copper or silver. But in recent years, researchers have turned their attention to a class … Read more

A Newly Discovered Fossil Could Be The Answer to Darwin’s ‘Abominable’ Mystery

Scientists in China say they have found the oldest flower bud in a fossil record, finally reconcile fossil evidence with genetic data suggesting that flowering plants, or angiosperms, evolved tens of millions of years earlier than we initially thought. The team hopes their discovery will help “alleviate the pain” around a torturous, century-old mystery that … Read more

3 newly discovered worlds risk doom orbiting too close to dying stars

Astronomers have spotted three new exoplanets orbiting dangerously close to their parent stars, on the verge of extinction. Three exoplanets, named TOI-2337b, TOI-4329b and TOI-2669b, were detected using NASA’s transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and the Echelle High Resolution Spectrometer (HIRES) of the WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii. “These planets are in such extreme places … Read more