‘Star Trek: Picard’ new trailer, ‘Discovery’ renewed, plus ‘Strange New Worlds’ premiere date

In one fantastic Star Trek announcement, streaming service Paramount Plus provided updates on every incarnation of the favorite sci-fi franchise, including a new trailer for Season 2 of “Star Trek: Picard.” The second season of “Picard” will premiere on Thursday, March 3 (moved from February 17) in 10 episodes, while Season 3 was scheduled to … Read more

A ‘Pristine’ Reef of Rose-Shaped Corals Was Just Found Off The Coast of Tahiti

Scientists have discovered a huge reef of “untouched” rose-shaped corals, apparently unharmed by climate change in deep water off the coast of Tahiti, UNESCO said on Thursday. Planning approximately three kilometers (two miles) long and up to 65 meters (213 feet) wide, UNESCO said it was “one of the most extensive healthy coral reefs in … Read more

DNA Mutations Do Not Occur Randomly – Discovery Transforms Our View of Evolution

Escape the odds in the mutation game The discovery that plants protect their most important genes changes our view of evolution. Mutations from DNA they do not appear as randomly as previously thought, according to a new study by the Max Planck Institute of Biology Tübingen in Germany and the University of California Davis in … Read more

Learn the backstory of Grudge the Cat with IDW’s new ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ comic miniseries

To christen the New Year in style, IDW Publishing is pulling two thousand years into the distant future with a new bold limited-edition “Star Trek: Discovery” series called “Adventures of the 32nd Century”. This cat-flavored offering begins with a story about Book’s mysterious feline rage and focuses on the daring feats of the United Planetary … Read more

Profound Discovery on Origins of Life on Earth – Evolution of Metal-Binding Proteins

Researchers have investigated the evolution of metal-binding proteins over billions of years. Addressing one of the deepest unanswered questions in biology, a team led by Rutgers discovered protein structures that could be responsible for the origin of life in the primordial soup of ancient Earth. The study appears in a journal Advances in science. Researchers … Read more

NASA’s New IXPE Mission Opens Its Eyes and Is Ready for Discovery!

Artistic representation of IXPE in Earth orbit. Credit: NASA OURThe latest X-ray eyes are open and ready to be detected! After spending just over a month in space, Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) is working and already targeting some of the warmest, most energetic objects in space. A joint effort by NASA and the Italian … Read more