James Webb telescope is headed for Lagrange point 2

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is approaching its new home. On January 24, it will arrive at a point in space that scientists call Lagrange Point 2, or L2. This is the technical name for a sensitive gravitational breaking point. JWST is tied to the place where, in the Earth-Sun pair, the Earth’s gravitational … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope marks deployment of all mirrors

NASA’s massive new observatory has marked another milestone. After nearly a month spent in space, the James Webb Space Telescope, also known as JWST or Webb, is nearing the end of its work. A complicated series of setups has led to the transformation of the telescope from a tightly folded launch configuration to what looks … Read more

Here’s how the James Webb Space Telescope is aligning its mirrors in deep space

The James Webb Space Telescope continues to fine-tune its mirrors to finally peek into deep and distant space. The telescope was launched on December 25 with 18 hexagonal segments of its primary mirror and secondary mirror folded and stored to allow components to survive the rigidity of lifting. Now the telescope is close to its … Read more

WATCH: Nathan Lyon, Joe Root, James Anderson kicked out after police crash post-Ashes booze party

In an unexpected turn of events, police had to intervene at a post-Ashes party in Hobart, which was attended by three Australian cricketers, English skipper Joe Root and veteran James Anderson. The footage was taken by on-site officials and is rumored to be intended for lawyers. In the video, Nathan Lyon, Root, Travis Head, Anderson … Read more

A Major Milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope, a “Mini” Monster Black Hole [Video]

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Northrup Grumman Video transcript: A great milestone for James Webb Space Telescope, which astronomers could learn from mini monsters black hole, and the latest estimate of the global surface temperature of our planet – a few stories that we will tell you this … Read more

The James Webb Telescope may forever alter our view of the universe

James Webb Space Telescope: Launch Day. Photo: (NASA / Bill Ingalls) Where is Webb? This seemingly simple question quickly enters everyday conversation, and not just in scientific and astronomical circles. After a long 32-year wait, NASA officially launched the James Webb Telescope a few weeks ago, on December 25, 2021. More recently, the telescope set … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope: Mirror, Mirror…On Its Way!

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center After major implementations are completed, Webb continues its journey to its final orbit around L2. In the meantime, several smaller deployments will follow in the next few weeks, marking the beginning of a months-long phase of telescope optics alignment. This week we started the process of moving the mirror … Read more

What will the James Webb Space Telescope look at first?

As the James Webb Space Telescope begins the long process of aligning its 18 primary mirror segments, the question in the astronomical community is: What will the huge observatory look like first? Webb successfully flew into space on December 25 and successfully completed his main deployments about two weeks later as he raced toward his … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope begins lining up its golden mirrors

Just weeks after the excitement of the launch, the James Webb Space Telescope is already looking for focus in space. Engineers are starting alignment procedures for the recently dismantled 18-segment massive gold mirror. The work will eventually allow these individual spotlights to work as a single focusing device, NASA officials wrote in a blog update … Read more