Are There Rainbows on Mars [Video]

Per OUR January 23, 2022 Rainbow in the desert (on Earth.) Is there a rainbow on Mars? Unfortunately no. But there are a lot of other conditions on Mars that we have right here on Earth! OUR scientist Mark Lemmon explains why the Red Planet is a rainbow-free world. That’s a great question. There are … Read more

NASA Mars Perseverance Rover: Ejecting Martian Pebbles

Before / After Perseverance Sample Tube Shake: The animated GIF depicts the surface of Mars beneath the Perseverance rover, showing the results of a January 15, 2022 impact drilling test to remove fragments of core stone from one of the rover’s sample tubes. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech The team has made good progress in implementing … Read more

Consistent Asteroid Collisions Rock Previous Thinking on Mars Impact Craters

This image provides a perspective view of a triple crater in the ancient Martian plateau. Credit: ESA / DLR / FU Berlin New Curtin University research confirms frequency of asteroid collisions creating impact craters Mars it has been consistent over the past 600 million years. New research from Curtin University has confirmed that the frequency … Read more

Mars needs better climate strategies for cocoa farmers

Snickers, M & Ms, Twix bars. These sweets can be found in kitchen cabinets, but their main ingredients come from much further afield. In fact, Mars Wrigley, the world’s largest chocolate maker, gets most of its cocoa, or 400,000 tonnes a year, from the D’IVoire Coast, Ghana and Indonesia. As the third largest cocoa power … Read more

Historic Mars weather delay pushes Ingenuity helicopter’s next flight to Sunday

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter marked another turning point – the first flight delay due to weather conditions on another planet. Ingenuity he was supposed to jump to his 19th Red Planet on January 5th. However, on New Year’s Eve, near the crater Lake, which the helicopter and its robotic partner, NASA’s rover Perseverance for hunting … Read more

How long does it take to get to Mars?

If you wanted to travel to Mars, how long would it take? The answer depends on several factors, ranging from the position of the planets to the technology that would propel you there. According to NASA, a one-way trip to Mars would take about nine months. If you wanted to make it a round-trip, all … Read more

NASA wants your ideas to reuse trash and waste on a Mars mission

NASA has just opened up a challenge by looking for ways to go to Mars and back with minimal lost materials. The tournament agency lab, along with the crowdsourcing platform HeroX, launched the “Waste to Base” challenge in search of ideas for recycling garbage, waste, carbon dioxide and foam packaging materials during a two- to … Read more

Possible sign of Mars life? Curiosity rover finds ‘tantalizing’ Red Planet organics

NASA’s rover Curiosity has found some interesting organic compounds on the Red Planet that could be signs of ancient life on Mars, but much more work will be needed to test that hypothesis. Some of the samples of powdered stones that Curiosity collected over the years contain organic matter rich in the type of carbon … Read more

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Drilled Holes Into Mars, And Found Something Very Strange

Because it is the foundation of all life on Earth, the discovery of carbon on other planets always excites scientists – and Curiosity Rover on Mars has found an unusual mixture of chemical elements that could hypothetically indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life. That is by no means certain, but there is a possibility. This … Read more

Newly discovered carbon may yield clues to ancient Mars

Credit: NASA / Caltech-JPL / MSSS. NASA’s rover Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012 and has since wandered the Gale crater taking samples and sending the results home for researchers to interpret. Analysis of carbon isotopes in sediment samples taken from half a dozen exposed sites, including exposed cliffs, leaves researchers with three … Read more