China builds ‘artificial moon’ for gravity experiment

Chinese scientists have built “artificial month“a research facility that will allow them to simulate low-gravity environments using magnetism. The plant, officially put into operation this year, will use its power magnetic fields inside a 2-foot (60-centimeter) diameter vacuum chamber for fabrication gravity “disappear.” The scientists were inspired by an earlier experiment that used magnets to … Read more

January full moon 2022: The ‘Wolf Moon’ rises with winter constellations

The full moon in January, called Wolf Moon, will occur on Monday, January 17, at 18:48 EST (11:48 GMT), according to NASA data. The moonrise in New York is that afternoon at 4:31 p.m., according to time and date. The moon will be in the constellation Virgo and rises about 24 minutes before sunset. The … Read more

NASA may need more astronauts for space station, moon missions, report says

NASA may need more astronauts to meet its space flight targets over the coming years, according to a new report from the agency’s investigative office. Currently, NASA flies only to astronauts International Space Station on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsules and Russian Soyuz vehicles. But the agency is ambitious Artemis program the return of humans to … Read more

NASA getting SLS megarockets ready for crewed moon missions

The giant rockets that will take NASA astronauts to the moon in a few years are really starting to come together. In a brief status update released on Tuesday (January 11th), NASA officials wrote that the agency and its manufacturing partners have made “great strides” in assembling the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket for Artemis … Read more

China’s Yutu 2 rover identifies ‘mysterious hut’ on moon

Update (January 12, 2022): After a month of walking on the surface of the moon, Yutu 2 has finally approached an unidentified object and discovered that it was a rock of ridiculous shape. Foreign news shared images of the rabbit-like piece Von Kármánov krater last week. The resemblance is drawn because Yutu itself in Chinese … Read more