COVID-19: Does Omicron cause less damage to the lungs?

.Does Omicron cause less lung damage than Delta? David Paul Morris / Bloomberg via Getty Images Animal studies and experiments involving cells grown in the laboratory suggest that the Omicron variant may have a reduced ability to infect the lungs compared to the Delta variant. This could explain why the Omicron variant appears to cause … Read more

What does it mean for Omicron to peak?

Health officials in New York and Boston, some of the first U.S. cities to experience the Omicron epidemic, this week expressed cautious hope that the record increase in COVID cases would soon decline. This pattern follows the experience of countries such as the United Kingdom, Denmark and South Africa, all of which have been hit … Read more

COVID-19: mRNA booster vaccine offers best protection against Omicron

.New research suggests that an additional dose of mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 may provide good protection against the Omicron variant. Sven Hoppe / Alliance for Images via Getty Images A recent study shows that two doses of mRNA (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) and one dose of viral vector (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine against COVID-19 were insufficient … Read more