How rogue planets in interstellar space ended up on their own

Locations of 115 free-floating planets in the region between Upper Scorpio and Serpentine. Credit: European Southern Observatory. We now know of nearly 5,000 planets outside the solar system. If you imagined what it would be like on one of these distant worlds or exoplanets, your mental image would probably include a parent star – or … Read more

Scientists find three planets that will be swallowed by their stars

An artistic depiction of what a planetary system similar to discovered planets might look like. Credit: University of Hawaii / Institute of Astronomy / Karen Teramura. Astronomers have recently discovered three planets orbiting dangerously close to the stars approaching the end of their lives. Of the thousands of extrasolar planets found so far, these three … Read more

Astronomers Detect Water Vapor in The Atmosphere of a ‘Super Neptune’ Exoplanet

The New Year comes every 47.5 hours on exoplanet TOI 674b about the size of Neptune, making it something of a rare creature. Despite years of hunting, surprisingly few medium-sized gas giants have ever been seen with orbits shorter than a few days, creating what astronomers call the Neptune Desert of incredibly hot medium-mass planets … Read more