Study Finds Protein Structures That Could Be Responsible For The Origins of Life

The question of how life first originated on our planet has not yet been fully answered, but science is getting closer – and a new study identifies the protein structures that could have led to it. For starters, the team behind the study decided to start from the premise that life as we know it … Read more

Profound Discovery on Origins of Life on Earth – Evolution of Metal-Binding Proteins

Researchers have investigated the evolution of metal-binding proteins over billions of years. Addressing one of the deepest unanswered questions in biology, a team led by Rutgers discovered protein structures that could be responsible for the origin of life in the primordial soup of ancient Earth. The study appears in a journal Advances in science. Researchers … Read more

Scientists Built The World’s Tiniest Antenna, And It’s Made Out of DNA

Scientists have made the smallest antenna ever made – only five nanometers in length. Unlike its much larger counterparts that we are all familiar with, this miniature thing is not made to transmit radio waves, but to reveal the secrets of ever-changing proteins. The nanoantenna is made of DNA, a molecule that carries genetic instructions … Read more