6 Evidence-Based Ways to Reduce Feeling Anxious Before Going to The Gym

Whether you’re new to the gym or coming back after a long break, it can be a scary place. There is even a term that describes the feeling of nervousness or anxiety that many people feel when they think of leaving: “intimidation by gymnastics”. One study found that as many as half of Americans experienced … Read more

How Can Next-Generation Computer Chips Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

Questions and answers with two scientists with the aim of overcoming the limitations of computing power and energy efficiency by designing new microchips. Our laptops and smartphones are compact but powerful because of the silicone microelectronics, also known as microchips or chips, the tiny brains behind the digital power of almost every modern device. But … Read more

Water exercise can reduce pain, disability from chronic low back pain

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a new study from the University of Shanghai Sports, researchers found that water exercise leads to greater pain relief in people with chronic back pain compared to physical therapy. They evaluated the long-term effects of therapeutic exercise in water on people with chronic low back pain. The analysis included 113 … Read more

Avocados and red wine may reduce meal-induced inflammation

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Some people had very little inflammation after eating, while others had much more. But how exactly does food cause inflammation? When you eat, sugar and fat enter your bloodstream. In response, your body takes action to get your blood sugar and fat levels back to normal in a controlled way. Research … Read more