Scientists Identify Specific Gene Variant That Protects Against Severe COVID-19

Researchers have discovered a variant of the protective gene that seems to protect people from severe cases of COVID-19, and the discovery could lead to new discoveries in the fight against coronavirus. Since much earlier in the pandemic, scientists have been eagerly investigating how patients’ genetics affect the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection, exposing hereditary factors … Read more

Fossil Analysis Reveals This Well-Armored Dinosaur Was Probably Sluggish And Deaf

Re-analyzing fossils can often lead to new discoveries, as was the case with the study of 80 million-year-old Late Cretaceous Struthiosaurus austriacus skull. A new analysis reveals that the dinosaur was probably sluggish in its movements, and was probably mostly deaf. The researchers used a high-resolution 3D scan of a partial portion of the meninges … Read more

Pavlovian Experiments on Locusts Provide New Clues on How Smell Works in The Brain

From the smell of brewing coffee to the smell of rain soaking the soil, the distinction of smells is one of the reasons why the sense of smell is wonderful. But how our brain can understand smells like coffee, regardless of the season, place or time, is a complex question that needs to be answered. … Read more

Scientists Found a Healthier Way to Cook Broccoli, But There’s a Catch

In recent years, broccoli has gained a reputation as an excellent vegetable due to its high level of a particularly beneficial compound called sulforaphane. With some early-stage studies showing how this compound plays a role in controlling blood sugar and potentially even having anti-cancer benefits, it’s no wonder broccoli pills are on the rise. However, … Read more

Fascinating Mouse Study Hints We May One Day Have mRNA Vaccine for Skin Cancer

Being smart at sunbathing one day could include vaccinations, similar to those currently giving millions of people around the world immunity against coronavirus. While most immunizations sensitize our immune systems to aggressive agents such as viruses or even cancer cells, new mRNA vaccine technology could instead train our bodies to produce additional antioxidant proteins, increasing … Read more

There’s a Hidden Mathematical ‘Law’ in The Sand Megaripples Found All Over Earth

Wherever there is sand and atmosphere, prevailing winds can whip the grains into wavy shapes, pleasing to the eye with their soothing repetition. Certain sand waves, with wavelengths between 30 centimeters (almost 12 inches) and a few meters (about 30 feet), are known as megaripples: they are the size between ordinary waves on the beach … Read more

Researchers reveal crab’s-eye view of the ancient world

Fossil cancer Callichimaera perplexa. Credit: Daniel Ocampo R. / Vencejo Films. Their legs can get more attention, but a new study says crab eyes also have a lot to offer – at least scientifically. Writing in the journal iScience, paleontologists from Yale and Harvard have discovered new, unusually large optical features from a 95 million-year-old … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccines Saved Over 240,000 American Lives in Just 6 Months, Study Finds

COVID-19 vaccines have saved nearly 241,000 lives in the United States and prevented more than a million virus-related hospitalizations in the first six months of the country’s inoculation program, according to a new research model. A research letter, published Tuesday in a peer-reviewed medical journal JAMA network open, found that coronavirus vaccination has also prevented … Read more