A Newly Discovered Fossil Could Be The Answer to Darwin’s ‘Abominable’ Mystery

Scientists in China say they have found the oldest flower bud in a fossil record, finally reconcile fossil evidence with genetic data suggesting that flowering plants, or angiosperms, evolved tens of millions of years earlier than we initially thought. The team hopes their discovery will help “alleviate the pain” around a torturous, century-old mystery that … Read more

This Ancient Peruvian Empire Put Hallucinogenics in Beer For Political Reasons

The ancient Wari empire in Peru may have used hallucinogenic beer to garner support in new territories. The remains of a large feast, found at the Wari outpost from the 9th century AD, strongly point to the seeds of a psychoactive plant called the fork (Anadenanthera colubrina) were once mixed with chicha, a beer made … Read more