Why You Should Never Quit Fruit During a Low-Carb Diet, According to Science

One of my patients – who struggled with obesity, uncontrolled diabetes and the cost of her medications – agreed in June 2019 to adopt a diet based on whole foods. Excited by the challenge, she did an outstanding job. She increased her intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, stopped eating sweets, biscuits and cakes, and … Read more

Protecting Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations From Cyberattacks

As the number of electric cars on the roads grows, so does the need for electric vehicle charging stations (EVs) and online control systems within those stations. However, these management systems face their own problems: cybersecurity attacks. Elias Bou-Harb, director of the UTSA Cyber ​​Center for Security and Analytics, and his colleagues – Claud Fachkha … Read more

A Common Virus Can Trigger Multiple Sclerosis, According to Huge New Study

Multiple sclerosis – an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord – can occur after infection with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). According to the clinical source UpToDate, it is estimated that 90 to 95 percent of people become infected with EBV, also called human herpesvirus 4, by adulthood. In children, the virus usually … Read more

Fascinating Mouse Study Hints We May One Day Have mRNA Vaccine for Skin Cancer

Being smart at sunbathing one day could include vaccinations, similar to those currently giving millions of people around the world immunity against coronavirus. While most immunizations sensitize our immune systems to aggressive agents such as viruses or even cancer cells, new mRNA vaccine technology could instead train our bodies to produce additional antioxidant proteins, increasing … Read more

New Evidence Challenges The Idea That Mutations Are Entirely Random

It is a common misconception that evolution has a sense of direction – an idea that biological geeks around the world are constantly trying to correct. But new research reveals that there may be an illusion of truth in this fallacy, at least more than we have ever realized. While this is not as simple … Read more

We Thought This Cell Death Phenomenon Was Irreversible, But We Were Wrong

Pyroptosis, a type of programmed cell death associated with infection and an inflammatory response, can actually be stopped and controlled, according to new research – whereas previously the process was thought to be irreversible once it started. Killing cells with pyroptosis is something the body uses to stay healthy, although such methods can also be … Read more