Perseverance Has Run Into a Problem on Mars: Pebbles

A small pile of pebbles interferes with the work of the Perseverance Mars rover. The rover, which is collecting rock samples for a possible return to Earth, began the ordeal on Dec. 29, after pulling a core out of a rock the mission team called “Issole.” According to a NASA blog, the problem occurred in … Read more

Comment on “Indirect Fitness Benefits Enable the Spread of Host Genes Promoting Costly Transfer of Beneficial Plasmids”

Quote: Jamieson-Lane A, Blasius B (2021) Comment “The indirect benefits of fitness allow the spread of host genes that promote costly transfer of beneficial plasmids”. PLoS Biol 19 (12): e3001449. Received: June 18, 2021; Accepted: October 20, 2021; Published: December 21, 2021 Copyright: © 2021 Jamieson-Lane, Blasius. This is an open access article distributed … Read more