Climate Change Could Open Up ‘Rivers in The Sky’ Over East Asia

We know that the climate crisis is already having a profound effect on global weather systems, changing temperatures, precipitation, wind patterns and more – and a new study predicts likely flooding over mountainous parts of East Asia in the future. Atmospheric rivers will bring downpours, scientists predict. These narrow corridors of concentrated moisture can quickly … Read more

We May Finally Know Why Whales Don’t Drown When They Gulp Down Krill

Baleen whales are big drunks. In just ten seconds, these giant mammals can drop over five hundred tubs of ocean water, filtering out about 10 pounds of wings in one gulp. All they have to do is open their mouths and jump forward about 10 miles per hour (6 miles per hour). The pressure of … Read more

Antarctic ‘Megaberg’ Released 152 Billion Tons of Freshwater Just Before Melting

Scientists are closely following the ‘megaberg’ labeled A68a since it separated from Antarctica in July 2017 – and new research highlights how much fresh water was released into the ocean during its late thaw process. Satellite tracking systems show that three months at the end of its life, by March 2021, the iceberg released an … Read more

Ancient Space Dust Analysis Could Solve Mystery of Origins of Earth’s Water

Meteorites on their way to Earth and breaking through the atmosphere. Credits: Elements of this image provided by NASA- Map for 3Drender; courtesy of the University of Glasgow An international team of scientists may have solved a key mystery about the origin of water on Earth, after discovering convincing new evidence pointing to an unlikely … Read more

Physicists Just Smashed a Record by Keeping a Bubble Intact For Over a Year

When you think of the word “ephemeral”, many people will immediately conjure up the image of a soap bubble: delicate, gorgeous, and gone in a blink (or maybe a few). Now a team of ice physicists by Aymeric Roux of the University of Lille in France has defied this cliché, creating a bubble that maintained … Read more

Traditional Water Management Practices in Pakistan Threatened by Climate Change and Globalization

Traditional water management practices in Pakistan threatened by climate change and globalization In the northern region of Pakistan, a landscape marked by snow-capped mountains and glaciers, indigenous customs used to access meltwater have long allowed it to survive. The people of the Hunzakutz Valley (Hunzakutz) once depended solely on the earth and its natural resources, … Read more

UH engineers discover method to create upward water fountain in deep water – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A pair of engineers from the University of Houston have discovered that they can create fountains in the water by shining laser beams on the surface of the water. Jiming Bao, a professor of electrical engineering and computer engineering at UH, and his postdoctoral fellow Feng Lin, attribute the finding to a phenomenon known as … Read more

Spectacular Lost Highways of Ancient Arabia Discovered by Archaeologists

The road to life in the Arabian desert may once have been paved with the dead. In what is now Saudi Arabia, archaeologists have uncovered an impressive network of lost highways, marked by human tombs, that connect one oasis to another. Many thousands of years ago, these roads took Bedouin people and their animals to … Read more

Satellite Captures Dramatic Tsunami-Triggering Volcanic Eruption in South Pacific

Frightened Tongans fled to higher ground on Saturday after a massive volcanic eruption brought tsunami waves that hit the South Pacific island and triggered warnings all the way to the west coast of the United States. Dramatic images from space showed the moment when the last eruption of the Hung Tonga-Hung Ha’apai carried a mushroom … Read more

Water exercise can reduce pain, disability from chronic low back pain

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a new study from the University of Shanghai Sports, researchers found that water exercise leads to greater pain relief in people with chronic back pain compared to physical therapy. They evaluated the long-term effects of therapeutic exercise in water on people with chronic low back pain. The analysis included 113 … Read more