Keep your dog comfy and toasty all winter long with this heated bed

“If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets” is a precaution that every pet parent should keep in mind this winter. As temperatures continue to fall, you need to make sure your furry friends are healthy, happy and healthy. Although you can always equip them with weather (and cute) clothes such … Read more

Is Texas’s grid ready for the next big winter storm?

Last February, Uri, also known as the North American Winter Storm of 2021, brought sub-zero temperatures to the typically mild southern United States. Unexpected weather conditions caused by constant power outages, but in some areas, utilities, including heating and water, have been cut off to millions of residents across Texas. In some lower-income communities across … Read more

January full moon 2022: The ‘Wolf Moon’ rises with winter constellations

The full moon in January, called Wolf Moon, will occur on Monday, January 17, at 18:48 EST (11:48 GMT), according to NASA data. The moonrise in New York is that afternoon at 4:31 p.m., according to time and date. The moon will be in the constellation Virgo and rises about 24 minutes before sunset. The … Read more