Which hydration hacks work best?

In 1766, the English philosopher and scientist Henry Cavendish discovered the molecular composition of water by burning hydrogen in oxygen and discovered that a chemical reaction resulted in liquid droplets. Since then, people have been trying to adjust the vital substance to make it even “healthier”. Their goals were numerous, depending on trends at the … Read more

Pavlovian Experiments on Locusts Provide New Clues on How Smell Works in The Brain

From the smell of brewing coffee to the smell of rain soaking the soil, the distinction of smells is one of the reasons why the sense of smell is wonderful. But how our brain can understand smells like coffee, regardless of the season, place or time, is a complex question that needs to be answered. … Read more

Predicting Alzheimer’s risk: Why cognitive testing alone may not work

.New research casts doubt on the use of cognitive tests to predict the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images Previously, experts considered a modest reduction in the results of clinical cognitive testing to be a predictor of future risk of progression to Alzheimer’s disease. Lower education, lower income and social exclusion … Read more

Space Station Cosmonauts Prep for Spacewalk as Astronauts Work Science and Maintenance

Per OUR January 12, 2022 NASA astronaut Thomas Marshburn peeks out of a window inside the dome, the “window to the world” of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA In a week, the first spacewalk in 2022 should begin at the International Space Station. Two members of the Expedition 66 crew are preparing their space … Read more